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Since GPS has reached full operational capability in 1993, the system has been taken up by public transport applications quite slowly compared to automotive navigation devices on the road. Even  today GPS is used only at some installations for traveller information for tram/bus arrival time, but mostly not for  demanding tasks that affect traffic light control. The current proposal  on "GSP- Galileo Signal Priority" starts right here with the  application of transit signal priority (TSP) for vehicles of public transportation (PT). The project focus has been put on TSP to overcome the last obstacle for a sustainable introduction of GNSS to support and improve all functions of PT. With this step the existing infrastructure based systems (which are less flexible and more cost intensive) shall be dispensable, to save cost on equipment and maintrance and explore the full potential of onboard intelligence, where GNSS  has a leading role to enable the overall application. In this regard the main aim of this proposal is:

  • To develop a prototype for robust positioning exploring EGNOS, EDAS or Galileo as main  sensor, in order to satisfying all the requirements in PT.
  •  To develop new traffic light control shemes, which can explore the advantages of GNSS based systems in PT and overcome the deficiencies of costly infrastructure based systems.

Both steps are essential elements for a successful market entry plan to bring robust positioning into demanding PT applications. While new performance levels in positioning are achievable through the use of EGNOS, EDAS and Galileo, the migration of this innovative technology into existing systems of PT has to be solved as well. The concept will be elaborated to enable a smooth transistion from state of the art systems, towards new PT schemes on the basis of innovative products. The project objectives support the development of adequate GNSS based products, including necessary steps for their integration into modern ITCS.


Important information about the project / Objectives

This objective of this work package is to provide a structure for the full financial and administrative management of the project. In order to achieve this aim, the project management will foresee:

  • To ensure the project progress within budget and time plan with administrative co- ordination.
  • To control the qualitative achivement of the project results through technical co- ordination.
  • To provide timely and effective administration and financial services to partners and the GSA.
  • To ensure timely and complete submission of deliverable to the GSA.
  • To attend and contribute to meetingswith the GSA as necessary.
  • To execute quality control of the project results and risk management of the complete project,

It is the task of this work package to implement and maintain all necessary instruments required for efficient project operation (web based project platform, risk/ contingency plan, grant agreement, consortium agreement)



The research leading to these results has received funding from the
European Union Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement
n° [277688-2].



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